Who Is Sonny?

Edward “Sonny” McLean was born in Boston, MA on April 22, 1914. Sonny’s family emigrated from County Cork Ireland during the years of the Potato Famine and settled in Boston. Sonny was one of seven children and lived in Dorchester, MA as a boy. During World War II, Sonny joined the navy and was stationed on a Destroyer in the Pacific Ocean. Sonny fought courageously for his country, often braving the jungles of the South Pacific islands. After the war, Sonny returned to Boston, had three children and worked as an electrician for the Navy Yard in Charlestown, MA.

Sonny was best known for his love of good times, good pints, and good friends. An endless storyteller, Sonny loved to talk and tell tales. Many people joked that Sonny was a true Irishman and full of Blarney. Sonny’s laughter could fill the room and his smile was contagious. A fan of Big Band and Irish music, Sonny could cut a mean rug and danced many an Irish jig during his life. A frequent traveler, Sonny traveled through Ireland and across the United States…even visiting Santa Monica, CA. Sonny’s appreciation of life, family and friends inspired many and he was deeply loved by all who knew him.

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