www.boston.com  10/11/2002


This is in response to a reader question:

"Nick, I've been a displaced Patriots fan on the West Coast for 25 years, since age five . . . My older brother and I watch every game via satellite and we'd love to share the joy and celebrations with other Patriots fans. Any ideas on how to get a fan club started out here? How did other groups do it? Thanks. -- Ron Ruggiero, Elk Grove, CA"

You had suggested contacting the Patriots' community relations person. We in Los Angeles are lucky enough to have a sports bar, Sonny McLean's in Santa Monica, that shows all of the Pats games. It's a great marketing tool for a local bar to hold itself out as a "Patriots" bar and show all of the games. Sonny's is packed every week with expatriate New Englanders and serves New England clam chowder, lobster rolls, etc. Sonny's also just organized a road trip down to San Diego for the game. Maybe our friend from Elk Grove can propose such a scenario to a local bar..
-- Hope Egan, Los Angeles, CA